How ulcer-causing bacteria evade our immune systems

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By the way - hear anything lately about the "Panama Papers?"

Told ya so

This should be one of the biggest stories of our lifetime;
but the Plutocrats control the media,
and they shut that story down as quickly as possible
after only one leader went down.
Did you hear any American names?

Neither did I

Keep the sheep screaming about bathrooms
and what outrageous things Donald Trump is saying,
and they won't even notice while their pockets
continue to be picked clean.

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It took 65 years, but the Turing Challenge has finally been passed by a robot
(the computer must fool 30% of the judges into believing it is human)

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The War on Science

Who's behind the War on Science?

The usual suspects ... The Plutocrats (the ultra rich and their enablers)

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The horror of Christianity ... made clear (4:12)

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As the rich continue to hold their foot on the gas pedal
while civilization races toward a planetwide disaster,
scientists develop a system for reducing the co2 in the atmosphere
(contains a video - 7:21)

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Remember when Determinists (like Sam Harris)
tried to hijack the Libet Experiment
and interpret it so that it supported their view of reality?

The view that we are nothing more than biological robots with no free will?

well ... science is fighting back

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More Conservative hypocrisy

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Katydids in South America have lost the ability to fly
but have evolved the highest pitch call in nature.

The story didn't interest me as much as the picture (google: pareidolia).
It reminded me of the movie "The Fly"

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How far have Americans come in the "civilizing process?"

This far
(click image)

What I would give, if it were only possible,
to dig up the graves of those slavers and traitors
and reanimate those bastards for just 15 minutes
and show them how far humans have come.

Also, in the wanted poster above, they called her "illiterate."
That's especially funny when you try to read the poster.
The spelling, grammar, and semi-coherent wording is on a par with ...

today's Tea Party people

(note: I'm a little dubious about the poster:
Even at only 2% per year * 150 years,
they were offering about 780k for her)

60 members of the KKK commit suicide over the news
that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

Why did Snopes have to go and ruin the celebration?

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The National Geographic might as well rename itself ...

"The 700 Club"

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Robert Reich dispells 7 lies spread by The Plutocrats (2:46)

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Creationists would rather commit hara-kiri
than admit that humans evolved from apelike mammals.
But after reading the story below,
I think it's the chimps who should be offended ...

at being compared to humans

And I don't even want to try to imagine
how bad the chimps would have humiliated Creationists.

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The "Human Development Index" is a metric
composed of life expectancy, education, and income.
It is published yearly by the United Nations,
and is used to rank the world's nations.

I found it odd that America,
which ranks in the 30's in both life expectancy and education could come out #8.
The only explanation would be the superior economic condition of America.
When America's riches are added in, we moved almost to the top.

But that is very misleading.
If you continue reading the article
you come to the Human Development Index ...
adjusted for economic inequality.

When the vast inequality of America is factored in,
we come in between Poland and Hungary at number 28.

For the richest nation on Earth ... that ain't too impressive

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Bromine is essential for all animal life (3:58)

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Like the Tobacco industry and the link to cancer,
Exxon Mobil knew about global warming long ago ...

and has been actively working against the public interest for decades

Both industries (tobacco and oil) will kill millions for ...


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Saudi Arabia inches into the 21st century

I've read horror stories from many countries
about Islamic religious police who commit brutal atrocities;
from lashing people in the street to killing them.

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It looks like the tide has turned in the debate over circumcision.
It is now supported by both the ...


and the ...


For thousands of years, circumcision had nothing to do with preventative health.
It was purely a religious ceremony.
Then when science began replacing religion as the path to knowledge,
believers desperately searched for a medical justification
for their ancient, barbaric practice.
But the science did not fall on their side of the debate
(when it comes to religion - the science never  does)

Circumcision rates have been falling in recent decades.
Other than for medical necessity, circumcision is not recommended
in any of the advanced nations outside the U.S.

So why did the U.S. do an about-face?

I find this sudden reversal by the C.D.C. and the A.M.A. very suspicious.
My guess is that religious pressure has once again succeeded.

But until my suspicions are confirmed ...
I have no choice but to lower my sword

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Lunar origin issue has been resolved
by using instruments with better resolution

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I don't normally make predictions,
at least, not since my membership
in the "Psychic Channelers of America" expired;
but here is what I am predicting Conservatives will do
once they gain total control over U.S. government in 2017.
They will finally have the power to accomplish
what they have been trying to do for over 150 years ...

Officially declare America a "Christian Nation"

Even ultra-conservative icon Barry Goldwater feared them,
and correctly predicted the trap America was falling into ...

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Extinction of the world's megafauna has often been blamed on climate change.

So who is really to blame?

Yep, the usual suspects ... humans

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The release of the Panama Papers
represents one of the most powerful strikes ever
against the forces of evil (The Plutocrats).

But as this story makes clear (in its reference to China)
they control the media (and just about everything else).
They are already cutting off the lines of communication.
In America they are trying to bury, or at least minimize, the story.

The masses simply have not advanced far enough
to stand a chance against the evil that has controlled them for ...

the past 10,000 years

Reread the text in the picture above. Now recall the last line in the story ...

"the real scandal isn't the law-breaking—
it's that so much of what Mossack Fonseca did was perfectly legal.

The Plutocrats have legalized theft.
We MUST regain control of our government
or the price for failure might be ...

another 10,000 years of Hell

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"The value of your life is directly proportional
to the value you place, upon the lives of others.

neo, 2016

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Global Warming is happening ... right now

And here's a map of the famous Northwest Passage

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Australians overwhelmingly want churches taxed.
What do we Americans have to gain by coming to our senses?

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Plutocrats exposed ... 20 TRILLION dollars!

Now watch the forces of evil go to Defcon 1 ...

Expect massive distractions

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Actor Michael Douglas blamed his throat cancer,
not on his heavy drinking and smoking ...
but on oral sex.

So what are the facts?

While it can't be said for certain,
the odds weigh heavily in favor of the drinking and smoking

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We are so screwed ...

Actually ... it is our children who will suffer the brunt of our failure

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The "Stop Codon" is interpreted differently by some forms of life

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This week's show:
"Capitalism saved America after Socialism failed?"
Featuring: "Larry Schweikart for Prager University"
(and my responses to it)

The Science Segment was:
"How cyanobacteria move toward light"

Listen (19:00)
Read (9 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


California raises smoking age from 18 to 21

In the "So what else is new department?" the article stated:
"The higher age limit, part of a package of anti-tobacco bills,
won approval despite intense lobbying from tobacco interests
and fierce opposition from many Republicans,
who said the state should butt out of people's personal health decisions,
even if they are harmful.

Gee, the tobacco industry and Republicans
are locked together in a lover's embrace.
Who would have ever guessed that one?

And just to send the "Irony Meter" into the red zone,
they say with straight faces,
that government should stay out of personal health decisions.

Aren't these the same Republican Ass-Clowns
who believe that government has the duty
to climb inside every woman's vagina?

I believe that answer would be ... yes

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