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The Daily KOS couldn't take it. So ...

They banned me

This was no different (or any more difficult)
than beating up on defenseless Creationists


Here is a petition to remove Scientology's tax-exempt status

Do whatever you think is right (ends 4/22/15)

I have a question:

If the petition succeeds and Scientology loses its tax-exempt status,
do all those Congressmen who took bribes
and then voted to grant Scientology tax-exempt status ...

have to give back the money?


Classic Emails (4 pages)

After one of the top scientists who testifies for the global warming deniers was discovered to have taken about a million dollars from the oil industry, I sent the following email to a bunch of global warming deniers:

Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance ... responds

Does it get any better than that?


The world's first "head" transplant has been scheduled for a Russian man


Approximately 25% of Americans are religiously unaffiliated.
How much are they underrepresented in Congress?

They are underrepresented by a factor of ...

more than 100

(instead of 1 - there should be over 130)

If we assume that the "don't know/refuse" members are unaffiliated,
and are simply afraid to say so,
then unaffiliated Americans are "only" underrepresented by a factor of ...

more than 10

(there are only 10 - where there should be more than 130)

But what is most telling, is that 9 out of those 10 are afraid to even admit
that they do NOT belong to a group that worships an invisible magic ghost.

(Let's hope that in the future, humans will look back at this story
and be utterly amazed that the word NOT was in there)

That gives you a pretty good idea
of where America stands in the 21st century;

pretty much the same place
where most of the other backward nations of the world stand.


The Daily KOS promotes GMO pseudoscience, then, laughably,
calls itself a "reality-based" community.

Here is a picture of Kos holding all the scientific evidence he has ... against GMO's

(click on it to read a 1-page email)


This week's show was:

"The Republic of Texas"

The Science Segment was:

"UV ray damage continues hours after exposure"

Listen (17:40)
Read (8 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


They found water IN Mars: there are thousands of glaciers located underground.

I contacted researcher Nanna Karlsson to find out how deep the glaciers were.
She replied "The glaciers are covered by dust that is less than 10 meters thick.
So they are not very far underground."


Classic Emails (1 page)

Winchester, Alabama is no longer part of the United States.

By the power granted unto them (by themselves) the City Council ...

has ceded the city to God

I sent the mayor and council members this email

I waited months but never did get a reply.
I guess they're pretty busy,
what with setting up a whole new town and everything.


Canada shows America ... how it's done

That is what America could be like
if only Conservatives could be removed from power.


In the quest to unravel ancient human history, scientists examine ...

300,000-400,000 year-old DNA


According to the "Traditional Values Coalition"
(that's code for the "Christian Values Lobby") ...

The Boy Scouts of America Betrays Its Own Oath (2 pages)

It's just killing Christian Fundamentalists
that their religious freedom to persecute others
keeps getting taken away from them.
In the backwards Bizarro world in which they live ...

THAT is persecution.

Bizarro World


The tentacles of the Bible Belt
and its vile morality
extend throughout America ...

To wherever Republicans are in power

Think about what you just read:
They want the right to refuse emergency medical aid to gay people.
That is a hundred times worse than what just happened in Indiana.

And wasn't the part about Muslims precious?
(as if they would ever do anything to benefit Muslims)
But this proves that they will use Muslims
if it helps them push through more Christian privilege.

If there is a test for being human ...
These lawmakers, and their supporters, just failed it.

Snopes weighs in: "Partly True - Partly False"

The House Speaker's assertion
that it could not be used as a blanket refusal
relies on the good nature of Christians.
The ACLU's assertions sound much more realistic
based on the proven nature of "some" Christians.

The Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves
if they saw what religion was doing
to the country that they worked so hard to protect ...

from religious influence


As some recent studies have suggested,
it has now been proven that ...

DNA is not responsible for ALL inherited traits


Kowtowing to Islam continues in the United Kingdom


20 states, and the Federal Government,
have recently passed "religious freedom" laws.
These are NOT religious freedom laws.
We already have a religious freedom law
(it is called The First Amendment).

What these laws really are, are religious privilege laws.
They extend religious freedom (which we already have)
by legalizing religious discrimination.
But you can bet your bottom dollar
that these privileges only apply to Christians.
Let Muslims try to exercise their "sincerely held" beliefs (like Sharia) ...
and watch what happens.

America is rapidly returning to the Dark Ages
when Christianity turned the Western world into a Hell hole.

With that in mind, Florida realized that it had better legalize adultery fast
or half a million of its citizens might find themselves ...

behind bars

If you would like to get a preview of the direction America is heading ...

just google: "Saudi Arabia" or "Iran"


Contrary to what we have always been told ...

Height is not solely determined by genetics


Remember the horror stories about ultra-orthodox Jewish kids
dying from being infected with herpes by penis-sucking rabbis?

Well ...

Orthodox Jewish traditions claim more innocent lives

Ah: religious freedom ...
bringing joy and happiness to all for over 2,000 years now


The people in China walk around in surgical masks
as if they are all on a lunch break from the E.R.

NOW ... they are finally admitting that they may have a problem.

Really? Ya think?


Comedian Bill Maher's anti-science bullshit is completely demolished ...

by a real doctor


Euthanasia opponent dies

The argument isn't over Euthanasia.
The argument is over religious freaks
being allowed to force rational people to suffer.
(sound monotonously familiar?)

If someone like Tippetts wants to drag out her agony
because that's what she believes her invisible ghost wants ...
then more power to her - that is her right.

But they should not have the right to force others to suffer
because of their screwy beliefs.

Canada finally got their religious idiots under control and legalized Euthanasia;

it's long past time, that we in America ... do the same


Thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010
this is what the 2016 election primaries look like:


Jimmy Kimmel's attack on anti-vax loons
(with the help of some doctors) ...

is hysterical (4:57)


Classic Emails (4 pages)

Prophet Walker tries throwing scripture at me ...

big mistake


Florida is sinking into the ocean

Rumor has it that Florida Governor Rick Scott
has threatened to punish state employees
who even utter the phrase "climate change"

Scott's people are denying it - but this guy got punished

Reality cares little for what delusional humans want to believe.
"The oceans aren't rising and Jesus is coming back."

The longer those two delusions persist ... the more humanity will suffer


Finally ... a blunt, no-nonsense verdict on homeopathy

I guess the "blunt, no-nonsense" part must have given away the fact, that ...

this was outside the United States


This is what religion does to the brain ...
They are arguing over whether or not this guy will reincarnate

So don't be so quick to laugh at all those religious leaders centuries ago who spent entire lifetimes arguing over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin ...

We haven't come all that far


How do you know if you are living in the Fox News Bubble?

If your intestines are tied in knots over Hillary Clinton using a private email server, that may or may not contain evidence of some unstated crime, but think it is no big deal that 47 seditious Senators sent a letter to Iran that undermines peace talks and threatens to push us closer to war ...

then you are deeply embedded in "The Bubble"


Classic Emails (9 pages)

My attack on anti-vaxxers
(and by mistake - one anti-anti-vaxxer)

And just when we were all getting to know one another
and I thought I could almost feel real bonds being formed ...

they all went silent


Major breakthrough in the war on Alzheimer's


Just how bad are things in Egypt?

This bad


While the Senate admitted that they've been lying about global warming
and that it is real and not a hoax ...

the House of Representatives is still holding out

Blocking the speech of scientists proves that they know they are wrong -
but they just don't care: their only concern is shilling for the rich.

And sadly, they also know that their constituents will support them
because a majority of the voters who make up their base are ...

dumber than dogshit


The picture we all had of the Milky Way Galaxy has been refined.
It is now defined, not as a smooth disk, but as "corrugated."
That also means that the Milky Way is 50% larger than previous estimates.


Christians continue to defy America's laws.
Now you know why they wave the flag so furiously ...

it's to distract you from what they are really doing


The religious objection to gay marriage
(on the grounds that it cannot result in childbirth)
may soon have to be discarded.

Two-dad babies may soon become a reality

Then they will be forced to object on truthful grounds:
that they are simply hate-filled bigots
whose discrimination is based on ancient, violent scriptures
written by ancient, violent people.


This story might make you puke. But don't feel bad ... you won't be alone.


Of all the people in the world,
who do you think has made the most money off quantum physics?
Niels Bohr? Paul Dirac? Richard Feynman? Werner Heisenberg?
or maybe John von Neumann? Max Planck? or Erwin Schrodinger?

Not even close. That honor belongs to a mind far more powerful than any of those listed above: Deepak Chopra. Here is a picture of him when he was young and he wrote a book which claimed that aging is not inevitable.

And here is a picture of Deepak as he looks today

Oh well, I guess the anti-aging thing didn't work out so well for him,
but quantum physics has made him filthy rich,
so at least he won't go away empty-handed ...

(I just wish he would go away)


Brigitte Gabriel shows us how to deal with those who resort to the tactic,
"Not all Muslims are violent - most are peaceful" (4:51)


Now let's take a look at the other side ...

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks questioned Gabriel's claims and sources (8:47)

So, who's got their facts straight?
And who's playing loose with the data?

(Evaluation of this data by J.T. Eberhard)

It looks like Gabriel is the one who knows what she is talking about.

Cenk Uygur managed to demonstrate just about every logical fallacy in Wikipedia
in that 9-minute hack job. His best line was:

"It's amazing what happens when facts run up against prejudice"

That was a classic example of being completely oblivious to the fact that,
Cenk wasn't describing Gabriel ... he was describing himself.

Elliot Spitzer also took Gabriel to task (11:54)

When Spitzer asked, where Gabriel got her information about radical Muslim infiltration in the U.S., Gabriel gave him a detailed answer, including several names. Spitzer ignored the names she gave, and then tried to make it appear as though she had evaded the question. So Gabriel then gave him another name, and all Spitzer could do was say "we will follow up on that."

So, all that line of questioning got Spitzer was egg on his face,
since Gabriel provided a name and he had no reply.

Next Spitzer shows tape of Gabriel speaking.
He then takes her words out of context
and spouts the usual "are you saying all Muslims are evil" Straw Man argument.
Gabriel immediately set him straight about whom she was referring to
(and it wasn't all Muslims).

Her reply to Spitzer about the Arab Spring events proved prophetic as the Egyptian military would soon have to remove the democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood leaders when they tried to destroy Egypt's fledgling democracy and replace it with a Muslim theocracy. I loved it when Spitzer said "history will tell us 10 years from now who is right."

Well Mr. Spitzer we only had to wait 2 years to get the answer ...
and it was Gabriel who was right - not you.

Gabriel then specifically differentiated between radical Muslims and moderates,
making it clear to everyone (except those like Spitzer)
that she does not consider all Muslims terrorists.

Since this contradicted the picture that Spitzer was trying to paint of Gabriel,
he defended his mischaracterizations of Gabriel's comments
by claiming that he was judging her by "the entirety of her comments."
So since Spitzer couldn't defeat her on an actual point-by-point basis,
and her replies disproved his Straw Man argument,
Spitzer was forced to throw his hands up and refer to a vague generalization
in a desperate attempt to save face.

Spitzer closes by again accusing Gabriel
of painting all Muslims with one broad brush,
basically ignoring her detailed explanations to the contrary.

So Spitzer has failed as a governor
(forced out over a prostitution scandal while married)
and now he has failed as an objective journalist.
Hopefully, Elliot will someday find ...

something that he is good at


Alabama Supreme Court bans gay marriage, defying the Federal government

I wonder why Judge Roy Moore is standing in front of an American flag
instead of the flag he actually honors and supports ... the Confederate flag.

Fundamentalist Christians continue to prove that
"hypocrisy" is a synonym for "Christianity"


Cell type changed in a single process.

Transcription Factor ELT-7


Republican representative from Idaho fights to protect religious parents who ...

let their children die from preventable diseases

Finally we have found a Republican woman dumber than Sarah Palin. My proof?

"Reformers want to act as if death is an anomaly. But it’s not - it’s a way of life."

Death is a way of life.
Even Sarah Palin would be rolling on the floor in hysterics from that one.


Remember last month when the Senate voted 98-1
that global warming was not a hoax but an actual problem?

That one nay vote was not James Inhofe.

But watch Inhofe a month later in the Senate

So what the hell is he doing with the snowball?
Why has he gone back to climate denial?
Was he lying then ... or is he lying now?

What this does show is that these goofballs
have so little respect for their base
that they know they can lie their asses off
and freely contradict themselves
without fear of losing their jobs.

(something Fox News has already taught us)

Remember that most of their constituents don't believe in evolution,
but do believe that the sun stopped in the sky for a whole day
because an invisible man told it to.

This is what makes our task so difficult:
evil people playing morons for the fools that they are,
all for the purpose of making the rich ... richer.
Yet somehow, we have to figure out how to get through to them.

No, I wasn't talking about getting through to the evil ones ...

I meant the morons


Humans are advancing into the future ... by baby steps.

Lawsuits filed to grant personhood to certain animals

I like some of their ideas but I think "personhood" is going a little overboard. Also, it is naive to believe that animals in the wild are better off than their counterparts in zoos and those kept as pets. Most 'kept' animals are the luckiest that have ever existed in Earth's history. Freedom is great - but is no match for security, food, and love. Watch videos showing how most animals struggle for survival and the violent end that is guaranteed for most of them and you should be able to understand just how fortunate most 'kept' animals are.

However, the above does not apply to mistreated pets, laboratory animals, and other animals who suffer at the hands of humans. Those are the ones that this group needs to be concentrating their efforts on.

Leave the lucky ones ... alone


You might recall that in Egypt a couple of years ago

Muslims surrounded a Coptic Christian church to protect it

Now a "similar" story out of Norway

Those Egyptian Muslims were brave. They risked their lives to stand against their fellow Muslims who had recently murdered Coptic Christians, and were threatening more churches.

But this is not the same situation at all. These Muslims weren't protecting the synagogue from other Muslims. This is Norway where only 2% of the population is Muslim.

Religion in Norway

Their true motive is to be found in their own words:
"No to anti-Semitism and No to Islamophobia."

What Islamophobia?

A Muslim killed one victim at a conference on free speech and then killed a Jew. There was no Islamophobia in any of that. So their words make no sense unless you understand what they are really saying. They are really asking Norwegians not to lump all Muslims into the same category as the murderer. They are motivated by a desire to avoid retaliation and prevent a violent backlash in a predominantly Christian nation.

The Muslims who surrounded the churches in Egypt were true modern heroes.

These guys ... not so much


One of the leading scientists promoted by global warming deniers

goes down in a ball of flames

I love the part about this "expert" not even being an actual climatologist.
This guy is just an aerospace engineer - and a crook.
The good news is: it sounds like he may be sending out resumes soon.
I'm sure the Koch Brothers can find a nice position for him
in return for all the services he provided for them.

I like this definition from Wiktionary:
"shill": A person paid to endorse a product favourably ...

while pretending to be impartial


DNA analysis indicates America was colonized by Siberians ~20,000 years ago (1:20)


Remember this picture from a few years ago?

Kirk Cameron was doing his imitation of Stephen Hawking ...
just the way that Jesus taught him

Last night, the actor who portrayed Hawking
in the movie "The Theory of Everything"
received the Oscar for Best Actor.

So how did Cameron and his movie "Saving Christmas" do?

Cameron slaughtered Hawking by winning FOUR awards!
(1) Worst Movie               
(2) Worst Screenplay      
(3) Worst Screen Combo
(4) Worst Actor                

(Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that Cameron's awards were "Razzies")

And just to add insult to injury, the internet movie database (IMDB)
rated "Saving Christmas" as the worst movie of all time.

Let's put that in perspective, shall we?

Here is part of Kirk's acceptance speech:

"And I would like to thank Jesus, without Whom,
none of this would have been possible"


John Fugelsang on hypocritical Conservative Christians (4:12)


Liberal icon Bill Maher bitterly disappoints the skeptical community
with his anti-vax nonsense (12:30)

But Orac takes him, and his panel, down
point by point

Now THAT ... was a beautiful read


A man gets angry during a conversation with a stranger
and begins stabbing the man.
A good samaritan tries to intervene and is also stabbed.

First watch the video (1:06) and then read the story

The CNN news report never once mentioned Islam
even though that was the reason why the suspect attacked the victim.

(No. This was not similar to the Chapel Hill murders)


Classic Emails (4 pages)

After an Atheist murdered 3 Muslims in North Carolina ...

some writers got it wrong

Her essay generated over 1,000 comments
many of which, tried to tell her the same thing I did.
(maybe that's why she got so "touchy?")


Bad news for Ayn Rand's Objectivists

The more gray matter you have, the more altruistic you are

And before you Ghost Worshipers try to jump in on this one,
altruism doesn't apply when you give money to your ghost.
That's because you are expecting a return on that investment.

As the article points out, altruism is done out of empathy for others.
It applies when you have nothing to gain, and it may even cause you to suffer ...

by sacrificing your own welfare to help others

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