This video gives a great explanation
for understanding how Liberals have misused the word ...

"Islamophobia" (13:59)

The author is obviously not anti-Liberal,
but merely points out exactly how they are going wrong in this case.

This author, Amir Taheri, puts Liberals in their place ... with historical facts


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See if you can watch the whole thing (5:35)

What a great culture, huh?
Yes, civilized countries have subhumans like that, but the difference is ...
we don't let'em go.

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This is what is possible in advanced countries
unburdened by the likes of Scalia, Thomas, and Alito

Australia creates buffer zones around abortion clinics

You know, buffer zones ...

like the one they have around the U.S. Supreme Court

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Classic Emails (1 page)

At the end of most videos posted by PBS Space Time
the host (in this case Matt O'Dowd) answers questions
and usually compliments the writers on their great questions.

I sent the following email to them with some questions.
Since I never received a reply ...

I guess these weren't such great questions

And my continual quest to make new friends ... goes on

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As you might recall, I recently featured a story about the turnaround
by the C.D.C. and the A.M.A. on the issue of circumcision.
As I rationalist I was forced to accept their conclusions,
however, I did express my suspicion that Christian pressure
may have been the major contributing factor to the turnaround.

Here is just one, of many examples, why those organizations
had previously taken the position that the risks outweighed the benefits

Penis transplant required to fix botched circumcision

You men should be very grateful that I did not include any pictures

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This was the winning cartoon at last year's Garland, Texas event
where 2 Muslim terrorists with assault rifles were killed

If your religion tells you not to draw Mohammad ...
then DON'T draw Mohammad

But your attempts to force others
to submit to your religious beliefs
through threats and terrorism,
will be met with the full force of resistance
by those of us willing to defend
what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us ...

Freedom of Speech

I think this would be the perfect time for this anonymous quote:

"I’m sorry if my insensitivity towards your beliefs offend you.
But guess what – your religious wars, jihads, crusades, inquisitions,
censoring of free speech, brainwashing of children, murdering of albinos,
forcing girls into underage marriages, female genital mutilation, stoning,
homophobia, and rejection of science and reason - offend me.

So I guess we’re even

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Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are threatening humanity.

Science to the rescue

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Samantha Bee gives us a history lesson about America's "Religious Right"

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China shows America how it's done

Protect the children.
After they grow up, if they want to worship invisible murdering monsters ...

Their choice

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Do you want to know what life was like in America over a century ago
when the Plutocracy controlled America?

This should give you a good idea

But as you can see, this story occurs in the 21st century.

When the Plutocracy regained power (beginning around 1980)
America was dragged back into the pre-enlightened era.
The voters have the power ... but not the intellect to defend themselves.

We aren't all that different from a herd of powerful water buffalo
who are preyed upon by a small group of lions.
The buffalo have the power to stop being victimized.
But they still haven't figured it out yet.
Then there are times, when they get mad enough ...
that they do

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What else do spiders catch and eat?

Would you believe ... fish?

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I hear Sarah Palin is trying to brown-nose her way into another V.P. selection.
When her husband recently suffered a horrible snowmobile accident
Sarah took off an entire whole day to be with him ...
before returning to her very important duties campaigning for Donald Trump.
When Sarah was asked why she remained loyal to her husband
who was so shattered by the accident that he will need, in her words "bionic parts":

This is what she said ...


All you couch potatoes out there ...

Atten - hut!

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Too little ... too late?

Feds block merger of Staples and Home Depot

We've already seen the disastrous results
of creating businesses that are "too big to fail."

This is what our government should have been doing all along

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Just how brazen are televangelists?


There is no limit to how low they can stoop.
Sadly, there is also no limit to how gullible and stupid their followers are, either.

(Yes, that was the son of Kent Hovind, convicted felon and servant of God.
Like they say "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.")

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The Pope calls out the NRA and the U.S. military-industrial complex ...

"They aren't Christians ... they are hypocrites"

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Don't rely on sunscreen alone

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Judge Roy Moore will probably go down
as the worst judge in U.S. history.
He's already been removed from office once,
and it looks like he wants to prove that he can do it again.

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Ignorance vs. Stupidity

"There is little shame in ignorance because ignorance is simply "not knowing."
All humans are guilty of that. Ignorance can be reduced by education.

Stupidity, on the other hand, is deserving of ridicule
because it is an arrogant refusal to remedy ignorance;
and because of the amazing depths of dishonesty
to which stupid people are willing to descend
in an attempt to justify their beliefs.

neo, 2016

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Wealth inequality not only includes income and property ...
but retirement benefits as well

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Classic Emails (1 page)

Well, Well. Looky what happened here ...

2 years ago the C.D.C. ignored me.
Let's see if they ignore Scott Pelley of CBS news.

After that show aired, I sent the C.D.C. the following email ...

To: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

(I included the link to the CBS Special here)

"So my question is ...
when are you going to add this in at #3
on your list of leading causes of death?

(it doesn't even appear in your top 50)

You wouldn't do it 2 years ago when I contacted you.
Is it safe to assume that you will do it now?


(I won't be holding my breath for a reply)

If you click on the link below
you can read the email exchange I had with the C.D.C. 2 years ago
in a fruitless effort to get them to list medical accidents  
as the #3 cause of death.

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Conservatives are always screaming
that Liberals are trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

One of the reasons they try to distract Americans with that lie
is to cover their attempts to take away our rights, granted by ...

the 14th Amendment

That Amendment is a hundred times more important than the 2nd Amendment
and has been a thorn in the side of Conservatives ever since it became law.

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Finally, police bumper stickers that include everybody, not just Christians ...

But the most surprising part is where this is happening
(better sit down first) ...


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You've heard it from me,
but to avoid the appearance of an "Appeal to Authority" ...

now you can also hear it from Stephen Hawking

(Hopefully - you got the sarcasm above)

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This week's show:
"Muslim apologist claims that science supports his god"
Featuring: "Paralaks"
(and my responses to it)

The Science Segment was:
"Detecting cancer"

Listen (18:31)
Read (9 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


After hearing the podcast, Paralaks became incontinent.

He first responded by deleting the link to the podcast
that I had posted on his video site
so that no one else could hear it.

When I pointed out what he had done,
he then flamed out with a serious of whiny little comments
calling me every childish name he could think of.

But the one thing none of his comments contained ...
a refutation of any point I had made in the podcast.

Realizing that his responses exposed his immaturity,
and that he came out on the losing end of the debate,
he resorted to deleting our entire comment exchange
and then blocking me from posting further comments.

Shutting down speech is always the response of those ...
who cannot defend their bullshit.


How ulcer-causing bacteria evade our immune systems

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By the way - hear anything lately about the "Panama Papers?"

Told ya so

This should be one of the biggest stories of our lifetime;
but the Plutocrats control the media,
and they shut that story down as quickly as possible
after only one leader went down.
Did you hear any American names?

Neither did I

Keep the sheep screaming about bathrooms
and what outrageous things Donald Trump is saying,
and they won't even notice while their pockets
continue to be picked clean.

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It took 65 years, but the Turing Challenge has finally been passed by a robot
(the computer must fool 30% of the judges into believing it is human)

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The War on Science

Who's behind the War on Science?

The usual suspects ... The Plutocrats (the ultra rich and their enablers)

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The horror of Christianity ... made clear (4:12)

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